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Wow, your handspun is looking great. You are off to a fantastic start!


Hello Sock Pal!
I have been finishing up some other projects and am now ready to turn my attention toward your socks! Could you let me know few other measurements--the circumference of your foot, ankle, and leg about 6" up from your ankle?
And although I haven't been knitting, I found great yarn and a pattern that both seem to be well-loved throughtout blogdom. I think you'll like them--now if my knitting will just do them justice!
And I've enjoyed going through your blog--you have made some very nice things--you are one talented lady!


Sorry it took so long for me to respond. We had a sick black lab that we eventually had to put to sleep.

Ball of foot circ.: 9"
ankle: 8"
6" above ankle: 10"


I'm so sorry about your lab--I love dogs, but the fact that they don't live as long as we do make the ending moments inevitable, but no less heartbreaking.
I have begun your socks and just love working with this yarn and pattern--I hope they work for you!


Hi -- just responding to your comment about the Wild Apples. I made it over the summer -- from Memorial Day through about August. It was in a much larger gauge though because I used the Kimmet Croft yarn, not the Swedish kit. I'm not sure how long my Large Collar will take me -- it is a Swedish kit.


I have only knitted the Kimmet Croft kit so far. I own the Swedish kit but have not started it. I do prefer the Swedish kit for the yarn quality and evenness of the dye job. It is finer yarn and will yield a much thinner sweater -- I generally prefer a bit heavier, but what the heck? I do not even know if the Kimmet Croft kits are even still available. I had heard that she is taking a hiatus from dying and spinning the yarn.

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